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Thank You to ALL of our members and BLOGGERS!  For being our AWESOME Fans we extend to you our second Volume of Teaching NInja.  Get all the volumes for free and join the on-line community today, where you can meet other Ninjas on the information super highway and make money working as a Chunin of the Tesaihiryu Ninja Clan. Below is the link for the FREE Volume! Thanks! and don't forget to visit to join or search Jay M Horne on any on-line book retailer Tesaihiryu Book Two: TaiJutsu

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Announcement: Ninja International Open to the Public

Ninja International is now open to the public, harnessing the power of over 300 pages of Brandnew material in our knowledge base.  Buy rare products, speak with teachers of Ninja Internationals training facility, and read the Tesaihiryu Ninja Series for FREE with teachers membership.  Students gain acces to the members area where they can chat online to Teachers who have the full access and gain their knowledge this way.
Ninja On-line is a social network for Genin and Chunin of Ninja International to interact with one another without the clutter of a regular on-line social community such as facebook.  Friend members, set your photos, instant message, and learn the latest in Ninja Ingenuity.

Ninja International goes on-line TODAY!

Ninja International went live TODAY. Work as a ninja, join Ninja International and LIVE ninjutsu.<< MORE >>

Ninja International will be up and running per request of 10 individuals

With the economy forcing businesses to fold left and right, small businesses are getting a push ahead.  Ninja International is to be the first of its kind.  Complete with membership to the first ever REAL ninja clan, and opportunities to be called on real missions.  Actually WORK as a Ninja by training in your area and signing up potential clan members. ... << MORE >>


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